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In Poggiovalle the Maremmano horse is bred, whose origin has been lost in the mists of time and the first evidence of the presence of horse populations along the Tyrrhenian coast dates back to the Etruscan civilization.

Versatile and reliable, it is the essential companion of the ‘butteri’, or ‘Maremman cowboys' for rounding up the cattle, but it is also a sports horse capable of achieving important results in competitions. Today, the Maremmano horse is a saddle horse that can be used for endless purposes.

It excels both in pleasure riding, trekking and walking, and in riding for sport where it is able to compete on equal terms with national thoroughbred horses. 

In Poggiovalle, Maremmano horses have always been used for livestock management on the farm. 

The pride and joy of our bloodline is the stallion named "Diavolo" stallion (son of Oceano della Trappola), a great stallion whose foals have achieved numerous victories in jumping and work riding competitions.

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