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The Farm

The POGGIOVALLE farm covers about 1000 hectares of land in a single farm between the towns of Fabro and Città della Pieve.

It was already present when the medieval village of Salci was founded in the late Middle Ages, and for 100 years it has maintained its ancient territory intact and is crossed in the plain by the reclaimed land of the Roman Valdichiana (Rome's granary); was formerly a prerogative first of the Etruscans and then of the Romans because of the river connection that the reclaimed canals guaranteed with the Tiber and hence with Rome itself.

The area, with a maximum altitude of 300 m of its rolling hills in the municipality of Fabro, borders with Tuscany to the west, under the slopes of Mount Cetona, gently descending eastwards into the plains of Valdichiana, a municipality of Città della Pieve.

The hill, with its 280 hectares of woodland of Cerro, Roverella, Olmo, Orniello, alternating with 300 hectares of pasture rich in essences of clayey soils (couch grass, orchard grass, Italian sainfoin, common sainfoin, cardoon) where the herds of Chianina and Maremmana breeds graze in the spring and summer months, descends towards 340 hectares of fertile alluvial plain, where the typical crops of the inland foothills are cultivated: wheat, alfalfa, sunflower, and corn to feed our livestock.

For anyone who comes to visit our farm, it may seem like a book to leaf through the that tells the history of our agricultural culture: do not forget the past to build a great future.

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