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The Poggiovalle farm has been home to a number of cattle for years now

The Chianina is one of the oldest and most important breeds of cattle in Italy and owes its name to its breeding area: the Valdichiana. According to certain theories on its origin, this breed is autochthonous or at least has existed since time immemorial.Chianina meat has been known and appreciate since the Etruscan era.

The Maremmana is one of the native Italian cattle breeds present in most of central Italy.It is an extremely rustic breed, with a high ability to graze in all seasons on all types of land, and is clearly recognisable by its wide horns that can measure up to 1 metre in length. 

In Poggiovalle, the breeding of Chianina and Maremmana cattle, is guaranteed by about 200 animals that during the spring and summer months exploit the approximately 350 hectares of pastures and meadows, with calves born from natural fertilisation. During the winter months, the large stable of about 27,000 m2 in width houses all the animals. 

The cattle raised in Poggiovalle are also marketed under the PGI VITELLONE BIANCO DELL'ITALIA CENTRALE brand.

The animals' diet is based on hay and corn cultivated on our farm under the strict control to ensure supply chain traceability.

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