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Chianina and Maremmana meat

Chianina cattle have been bred for centuries in Valdichiana and were used until the 60s for the cultivation of the land and all the activities connected to the share cropping farm.

The breed is now used to obtain one of the world’s most appreciated selections of beef.

The Poggiovalle farm breeds over suckler cows, which in the spring and summer months enjoy 350 hectares of meadows and pastures, returning in the winter months to the vast livestock structures in compliance with the parameters set by the European Community for Animal Welfare.

The animals' diet is based on the use of fodder and farm products in compliance with the regulations provided for by the trademark of the 'Vitellone Bianco dell’Appennino Centrale IGP (White Calf, of the Central Apennines PGI) and the traceability of a strictly controlled supply chain.

There is also a small nucleus of Maremmana cows that make the best use of the pastures and further characterise the typical characteristics of the area, which is a link between the green countryside of Umbria and the Tuscan Maremma region.

The meat is sold in 5 kg packs that include different cuts. The parts of meat are divided into various vacuum-packed packages ready to be frozen.

Package contents (5 kg) pack of Chianina or Maremmana meat

  • Steak with bone, T-bone or rib eye (500 g)
  • Entrecôte (500 g)
  • Giant hamburgers (4 pieces weighing 250 g, total 1 kg)
  • Sliced beef, prime choice (800 g)
  • Sliced beef, second choice (600 g)
  • Boiled meat cut (800 g)
  • Stewing steak (800 g)

We'll send Chianina meat packs from 20th July.

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