Offer for families
The pleasure of a weekend spent together with family, with a tour of our enchanting estate situated between Tuscany and Umbria
  • Educational Farm and Garden

    The Poggiovalle estate farm and garden is the perfect setting to get in touch with nature and the rhythm of its seasons, as well as the foods connected to them. It is possible to plant seeds, water and pick fruit and vegetables; learn how to give milk to calves, feed hay to horses, take fresh eggs from the chicken coop, take care of baby donkeys, sheep and goats, and so much more…

    The workshops start with a minimum number of 4 children.

    Additional cost of 10€ each.

  • Ride with Lola and its calash

    During the buggy ride one can visit a pristine land, where it is possible, among woods and the plains of the estate to encounter animals like hares, fallow deer, roe deer, partridges, pheasants, badgers, squirrels, or Maremmani horses and Chianine cows.

  • Swimming pool, tennis court, ping pong and mountain bike
    Free for guests
  • Belvedere Archeodromo at Cetona
    A splendid day at the archeological park of Monte Cetona: young archeologists discovering prehistoric life and caves!

    Reservation only, in periods indicated by the Archeodromo of Belvedere Management.