The Chianina breed has been bred for centuries in Valdichiana. Since the 60’s this breed has been used to cultivate land, as well as in all activities connected to sharecropping farms.
Today it is known for one of the finest meats in the world.

The Poggiovalle farm breeds over 200 heads of veal cattle that in the spring months graze on the 350 hectares of pastures and meadows. During the winter months, they return inside the large animal husbandry facilities, according to the parameters set by the ‘Comunità Europea per il Benessere Animale’ (European Community guidelines for Animal Welfare).

The cattle are fed with fodder, of our own production, under the rules set by the brand IGP Vitellone Bianco dell’Italia Centrale (Central Italian White Beef) and under the strict control of cycle traceability.

We also have a small group of Maremmana breed cows that take advantage of our pastures, further characterizing the land, a link between green Umbria and the Tuscan Maremma.

Standard packages:

• 1,25 Kg loin steaks
• 1,25 Kg Sirloin steaks
• 2,5 Kg thin cut steaks
• 2,5 Kg ground beef or hamburgers of your choice
• 1,5 Kg stew
• 1 k5 boiled or “ossobuco” (Marrow bone): of your choice