The Maremmano horse is bred at Poggiovalle. The origins of this horse cannot be traced back. However, the first sightings of herds of horses along the Tyrrhenian coast date back to Etruscan times.

Versatile and reliable, this animal is the perfect companion for Italian cowboys (‘ Butteri’)  herding cattle.  In addition to being an athletic horse, able to achieve very good results in horse-races, today, the Maremmano horse is a saddle horse, that can be used for many different activities. It is great for both recreational riding, trekking and walks, as well as sport riding, where it can compete with domestic breeds.

At Poggiovalle, the Maremmano horse has always been used to herd livestock inside the farm. 

The crowning glory of our bloodline is the stallion “Diavolo” (offspring of Oceano della Trappola), a great stallion whose foals have won various jumping and work riding races.